Joel Tripp Graduate Student.jpg

Andrew Bass
Principal Investigator



Margaret Marchaterre
Laboratory Director



Kevin Rohmann
Postdoctoral Associate



Joel Tripp
Graduate Student

I am interested in the brain mechanisms underlying alternative mating tactics, aggression, and social interactions in midshipman. My research has focused on gene expression and hormonal effects in the preoptic area and midbrain using a combination of field behavioral experiments, neurophysiology, and next-generation sequencing.



Rose Tatarsky
PhD Candidate

I am interested in the genetic and neuroendocrine mechanisms underlying the peripheral acoustic and vocal motor system in species of vocal teleost fish. 



Andrea Makowski


Isabella Salas-Allende

I am a Biological Sciences major concentrating in Neurobiology & Behavior and minoring in Global Health. Particularly, I am interested in how circadian rhythm and clock genes expressed in different brain regions influence hormone release, which in turn affects related behaviors and physiology. I joined the Bass Lab in Fall 2016, and I am assisting with the immunohistochemical studies of midshapman brain tissue to analyze gene expression differences underlying behavioral and morph phenotype variation in midshipman fish. I am also on the Cornell Club Rowing team and involved in the Cornell Undergraduate Research Board, where I have spearheaded a high school research program that exposes high school students to university-level research and introduces them to science in ways unseen within a classroom.